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What Insurance Do You Need for UK Based Holidays?

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A combination of the economic downturn, the weak pound and warmer summers has resulted in an increase in Brits (staycationers) booking holiday accommodation in the UK. But there are concerns that holidaymakers are forgoing insurance because they do not think it is necessary for UK holidays.

Although you may not need the same cover as required for a holiday overseas, it is essential to have certain cover to protect against the unforeseen, especially cancellation.

Cancelling or curtailing your holiday

Holiday cancellation and curtailment (cutting a holiday short) are the most common insurance claims made for a UK break, so it’s necessary to protect against any cancellation charges for booked accommodation. It is common practice for self-catering accommodation and hotel operators to charge for cancelled holidays, being either the deposit paid or the full amount of the booking.

Cancellation insurance typically enables holidaymakers to claim if they have to cancel due to illness (including family), jury service or redundancy. With the average cancellation claim being £500, it’s important to make sure you are protected.

What about personal belongings?

It is likely that you will take valuables and electrical items in holiday with you. In the event that these valuables are lost or stolen, they will need replacing. Before you pay for personal possessions cover as part of a travel insurance policy, check if your home contents insurance covers personal items away from the home. After all, you don’t want to pay for the same cover twice.

Do I need medical cover?

Medical cover is unnecessary because when you are travelling in the UK you will have access to NHS treatment. However, those travelling to the Channel Islands will not be covered by the NHS, and will need a travel insurance policy that provides medical protection.

What is the excess?

As with all insurance policies, it is wise to consider any excess that will be deducted from a claim. Excess are usually around £25-£50 but check that this is per claim and not per person – which could significantly reduce the amount refunded.

Comprehensive UK holiday insurance should ensure you are not left out of pocket if something goes wrong. Primarily, you should protect yourself from the financial implications of having to cancel your holiday. Compared to the cost of the holiday, premiums are relatively low.

Schofields offer a holiday cancellation insurance policy that is tailored for holidays in the UK.




  • Kerry Hore |

    Hi there,

    I’m renting a lodge directly through the owner. I need some form of insurance.

    Can i get this here ?

    Hope you can help

  • rob donkin |

    I plan to rent a holiday property in Scotland for a week or so in spring 2018.

    I am concerned that the T&C’s I have read of various holiday lets seem to render me liable if fire destroys the property or a lorry drives into it!

    Any suggestions?

    • Philip |

      Ideally, the accommodation owner should have holiday letting insurance that includes public liability insurance and cover for damage by paying guests. It’s their responsibility to ensure they have adequate insurance to cover their property and the associated risks when holiday letting. You could also check if your household insurance provides such cover.

  • Ian Stracey |

    The property owner booking terms include the following
    Q: Do you include holiday insurance in the price?

    A: Holiday insurance is not included. This should be provided by yourselves to cover cancellation, loss and damage of your property and loss and damage of our property also.

    What are your comments and do you provide such cover please?

    • Philip |

      Hi, in our Holiday Home Booking Terms & House Rules Template article we suggest adding the following:
      We strongly advise that you take out comprehensive travel insurance. If you choose not to then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.. We provide holiday cancellation insurance for UK holidays here. With regards to your suggestion that the guest should have insurance to cover loss and damage to the owners property, it’s the owners responsibility to have insurance to cover their property when holiday letting, not the holidaymakers. We provide holiday letting insurance for owners and this guide should help.

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