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Public Liability Insurance for Holiday Lets

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Man fallen down stairs

As a holiday rental owner or Airbnb host, you’ll want guests to have a fantastic holiday filled with wonderful memories and to return home safely. However, sometimes incidents occur which could lead to guests being injured or falling ill.

Common causes and circumstances include slips or falls, faulty electrical fittings, scalds, broken fixtures or illnesses contracted from a swimming pool or hot tub.

The consequences can be tragic and you can be held liable. Without public liability cover, you could face significant legal costs and compensation claims.

What is holiday letting public liability cover?

Public liability insurance ensures that the holiday let owner is protected from legal costs and any compensation that may be due if a guest were to suffer injury, death, disease or illness during their stay.

You can be held liable if it’s proved you were negligent – for example, the injury occurred because you didn’t take enough care to fit a handrail or ensure that the carpet on the stairs was properly fitted and fixed down.

Do I need to display a public liability certificate in my holiday let?

As public liability insurance is not required by law, there is no legal obligation to have a public liability insurance certificate or display one in your holiday let.

If your holiday cottage letting agent asks you to provide evidence that you have public liability insurance, send them a copy of your policy schedule which states the public liability indemnity provided by your policy.

Get insured

Before you welcome your first guests or provide them with ‘added extras’ at your holiday let or Airbnb, check your insurance includes public liability insurance that protects you.

£5m public liability insurance is included in our holiday letting insurance policy, as standard, when you insure either buildings or contents.

Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risks

Providing ‘extras’ such as trampolines or bicycles at your holiday let for guests to use can seem an innovative way of standing out from your competition. Although these items can be useful and fun, letting guests use them at your holiday rental could expose you to litigation.

In reality, it is unlikely that you or your housekeeper will be able to check all the equipment is safe before each rental. Again, if it could be proved that an accident or injury was caused due to your negligence, you could be responsible for subsequent legal costs and compensation.

Rather than expose yourself to potential legal action – arrange for these items to be hired locally with a company who can ensure the equipment is safe for guests to enjoy.

To summarise

Evaluating the specific risks in your holiday home and taking reasonable steps to reduce them is the best way to ensure your guests have a safe stay and protect yourself against potential lawsuits.

So, if you are venturing into letting your holiday home (even to friends and family), ensure you are adequately covered.

Contact us if you require further advice or get a quote for your holiday let that includes public liability.

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  • R Straccia |

    Hi I am looking for a public liability insurance only for a property let in Italy.
    I have been with Intasure for the last 4 years and never had a claim. They have written to me and said that their underwriters are no longer able to offer the standalone public liability insurance anymore as from the 16/05/14. Therefore I am looking for other options / alternatives and if you can provide me with this . Regards

    • Philip |

      Thank you for your comment. We do not provide a standalone public liability insurance policy. However, public liability insurance is included in our policy, as standard, when you insure either buildings or contents. Quotes are available online, alternatively contact us and one of our advisers will give you a quote.

  • Alan |

    I have a villa in Spain which my Niece and young children have asked to stay at. I normally don’t let my villa out and only charge family & friends actual running costs when people stay. My concerns are about the young children my Niece has. All homes are dangerous but villas in Spain with pools and slippery floors are potentially lethal. Although people and authorities say that they won’t take action if there is a negligence claim. I feel worried and unprotected even though I was asked and didn’t invite them. Some advice would be appreciated before I give a decision.

    • Philip |

      Hi Alan,

      Does your current insurance include public liability insurance that covers friends, family and holidaymakers? It’s important that you check that you are covered for friends and family using the villa and not just you (the owner), as some policies provide limited cover. Our buildings or contents insurance includes £5m public liability which protects you should anyone be injured at your villa e.g. slips and trips. Please contact us on 01204 365080 if you wish to discuss or you can apply online.

  • bert |

    I will be renting an apartment in Spain for 2 weeks in September and need third party liability insurance for any damage or fire can you quote?

    • Philip |

      Are you the owner or guest?

  • suzanne |

    Should a public liability insurance certificate be on view in uk holiday cottage for visitors

    • Philip |

      I’m not aware of any requirement to do so. If it was rented via an agency they often require proof that the owner has adequate public liability insurance.

  • Ashleigh Henstock |

    Hello. I am looking for some advice on Public Liability Insurance in a Holiday Home. Could you please tell me if insurance cover could be based on a maximum occupancy in the property? For example, if I stated that my property could accommodate up to 8 people, could my insurance be void if there were any incidents when the property was over-occupied?

    Kind Regards

    • Philip |

      We recommend checking with your insurer what their approach would be should the property be over occupied.

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