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Damage By Pets

Targeting niche markets to get bookings at your holiday cottage can help fill those empty weeks. Marketing your property as a dog friendly holiday cottage is one way to attract bookings, so pet lovers don’t have to leave their dogs in expensive boarding kennels. The dogs can enjoy the country walks along with their owners.

Our holiday cottage insurance covers damage by domestic pets, but be aware, most contents policies don’t. So before a boisterous pooch or feline tears your settee, chews your dining table or leaves their mark by urinating throughout your holiday cottage – check the terms of your policy to see if damage by pets is excluded.

Our experience is that most guests who take their dogs to cottages that accept pets don’t cause damage. It’s the ones who sneak pets into your cottage without your consent who cause the damage. Make sure you are covered.

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  • Mark Gerrard |

    I couldn’t agree more. We rent a cottage in Anglesey – Southstack Cottage and do allow dogs which is great ninety percent of the time but every so often you run up against a dog owner who is very careless. The last one caused us to pay for carpet cleaning. I think insurance is certainly a great idea for anyone who has a cottage that allows dogs or even as you say doesn’t allow pets but sometimes get people sneaking pets into their holiday cottage.

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